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It's Why We Started This Business

In 1993 we started our business with the goal to source quality products for craft brewers. Being avid brewing geeks ourselves we weren't happy with what was available so we decided to do something about it. Brewery Lane was born.

We've earned quite a name for ourselves amongst brewers since then. We love brewing and of course we love beer! We want to pass our knowledge on to you because we want you to make the best beer.

As you can see by our name our culture is steeped in brewing. Our experience in this area is unsurpassed. Our highly skilled staff will have you making the best beer you can imagine.

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The Big & Easy Bottle Brew

The next best thing to finished beer! The Big & Easy Bottle Brew is a totally new and different home brewing kit. It is a revolutionary, easy way to make your own premium beer at home. Read more...

Beer—The Perfect Accompaniment To Any Meal

While matching wine with food includes weighing factors like flavour, vintage, dryness and acidity, matching beer with food is far more straightforward. It can be used to complement, contrast or cut flavour intensity. And, because beer is much more versatile, it can be paired with a larger variety of foods.

Try These Appealing Tastes:

Beer is Good for You

Well we have known this all along, but now Dr. Ken Walker a.k.a. syndicated columnist, W.Gifford Jones has given his stamp of approval.

"Beer has no caffeine, no cholesterol, no fat," says Dr. Ken Walker. "In moderation, it is very sound medication." He even goes on to say it can be credited with saving lives.

Similar arguments have been made about the medicinal qualities of red wine. A couple of beers a night is good, apparently. Three or four is OK. But any more is trouble. The real problem, according to Walker, is the habits that go along with beer. Beer bellies aren't just the result of drinking too many suds. It's the nachos dripping with cheese, chips, and fried chicken wings that are often consumed with beer.

In the Middle Ages, beer was safer to consume than water. And until recently some countries gave pregnant women a half-pint of Stout a day because it was considered nutritious.