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Brew News Hits the Street!

Haven't got your copy yet? Hit the following link to take advantage of this issue's great promotions. You still have time to get another beer and wine on before Christmas! Get your Brew News now

The Wait is Over! RQ 2014 Wine Kits Are Ready to Order.

Each year Cru Select offers wine makers outstanding wines from around the world. This year, RJS Craft Winemaking is showcasing wines from the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Try them all and experience the world of wines! Click for more.

Top Hat Ultra Premium Wine Kits

top hat wine kitTop Hat by Glad Hatter is the most unique and innovative wine kit, allowing craft winemakers to make 15 bottles of their favourite wine OR blend two kits to make 30 bottles! This Ultra Premium Wine Kit comes in 4 classic varietals to start and more will be added to the line: Australia Shiraz, Chile Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile Chardonnay, and Italy Pinot Grigio. Click Here

Cru Select Muscat

This wine variety is quickly gaining popularity. Muscat is generally sweet and aromatic and usually lower in alcohol. It’s also one of the only grape varietals to produce the same aroma as the grape itself. If you pairing a Muscat, pair it with fruit desserts or milk chocolate. Goat cheese is also a great complement to this wine. Click Here

Orchard Breezin' Seasonal Release

Raspberry Grapefruit Revolution. Your mouth will be tantalized by the notes of refreshing ripe pink grapefruit and sweet raspberries. Refreshing and sweet, you willl want to share this bright rose with all of your friends. Available this summer for a limited time only. Click here

Brew House Award-Winning Design

Brew House has a new look!

Over the next few weeks you'll be seeing a brand new look for our popular Brew House Craft Brewing Beer Kits. To celebrate the new launch we'll be having a Brew House sale. Details coming soon.

Learn more about Brew House craft beer making kits.

brew house

First Brew News of 2013 Hits the Street

We've just sent this year's first issue of Brew News to the post office. Keep an eye out for it in your mailbox or you can get it online right now! Be the first to read all the articles and and get a head start on all the specials and sales.

Get your Brew News now

Brewery Lane Shaves for the Brave

Help our team raise funds in support of Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC). On March 9 our team will be shedding their locks in an effort to reach our goal of raising $5000 for this year's YACC Shave for the Brave campaign. Our Shavers are from left to right: Lee Edwards, Bernadette Reddy, Mike Burke and Dan Meyers. Bernadette is our star attraction this year as she gives up her very long hair! You can support her online here or drop by one of our stores.

Brewery Lane Shave for the Brave team page

Brew House Oktoberfest

The much anticipated Brew House Oktoberfest has been released and is now available in our stores. This annual release has gained a big following with beer lovers. Oktoberfest is a limited seasonal release and it sells out quickly. So get them early or call now to reserve yours.

Read more about Brew House Oktoberfest

Orchard Breezin' Cranapple Chardonnay

You've been looking for them—now they're here! We have just received our first shipment of Cranapple Chardonnay wine making kits. This is a limited seasonal release and they always go fast so drop by one of stores soon or contact us to reserve yours today.

More information about Cranapple Chardonnay

Orchard Breezin' Lounge Cocktail kits have arrived!

Cosmo, Pina Colada and Mojita. Lounge Cocktail kits fact sheet More about Cosmo, Pina Colada and Mojita Buy Lounge Cocktail Kits Online now at Clickabrew craft wine and beer making supplies.


Black Rock Apple Cider

black rock apple ciderAfter a long absence we finally have a quality canned cider making kit available for you cider lovers.

A 1.65kg can makes 23 litres of traditional sparkling cider with a superb refreshing taste and light golden colour. This premium cider uses apples harvested from New Zealand's best pip fruit orchards to produce the taste and clarity demanded by the home brewer.

Buy Black Rock Apple Cider at Clickabrew now

Big & Easy Brown Ale with Hop Aroma Pill

The Big & Easy Brown Ale is brewed with four different malts to give it its unique full bodied flavour and deep hazelnut brown colour. They include Pale Malt, Carastan Malt, Munich Malt and Chocolate Malt.

The Big & Easy Brown Ale is an astonishing beer by itself but to make it even more special it includes an aroma hop capsule. Inside the capsule are essential oil compounds of Cascade hops which contribute a complex hoppy character to the beer.

If you enjoy extra hops flavours add the hops capsule and it will enhance the beer's magnificent character with an unrivaled fresh hops aroma. If you enjoy a maltier profile with less hops character then you have the choice of brewing without the hops capsule.

Ten Wine Kits: One Wine Maker.

Follow Bill Reddy of Brewery Lane as he makes all ten of the RJ Spagnols Restricted Quantities and Winexpert Limited Edition wine kits.

Go to Bill's Blog now.

The Evolution of Orchard Breezin' Mist Wine Kits!

Orchard Breezin’ winemaking kits are favourites among many craft wine-makers. Their fruit forward, off dry, crisp flavour is the perfect accompaniment to warm weather and good friends. Perfect for drinking on their own well chilled or mixed into your favourite cocktail, they are a hit at any party.

Read More About Orchard Breezin' refreshment beverages

The Big & Easy Bottle Brew

The next best thing to finished beer! The Big & Easy Bottle Brew is a totally new and different home brewing kit. It is a revolutionary, easy way to make your own premium beer at home.

The Big & Easy Bottle Brew is pasteurized, unfermented beer filled in two litre bottles and equipped with a unique pressure cap. The only task left is to add the innovative yeast capsule to each bottle to start the fermentation. Wait 10 days. Chill. Then serve!

Each 2 litre bottle is about the same volume as six regular bottles. The Big & Easy Bottle Brew is professionally brewed and bottled in a micro brewery using only the best selected barley malt, imported hops and purified water. It is not made from malt concentrate.

The Big & Easy is available at both Brewery Lane stores in St. John's and Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and online at Clickabrew Craft Wine & Beer Making Supplies.

Buy Big & Easy Bottle Brew online now!