The Fresh Juice Experts

Please note: Fresh juices are available in-store only. We do not ship.

We have been offering our customers fresh 100% vinifera grape juice since 1994 and have become recognized as knowledgeable in this field. We supply wine makers with fresh grape juices from Europe and California. Our European juices are imported on our behalf by Ms. Trotcha of Kamil Juices and are available on a seasonal basis. Our California juices are available most of the year, but the supply starts to get scarce during late summer. You can depend on us for expert advice and rely on our proven methods and instructions.

How Is Fresh Juice Different?

Most wine kits are made from a blend of concentrated grape juice and some sort of sugar syrup.The exception is premium kits which usually contain either a blend of fresh grape juice and concentrate or 100% grape concentrate. Whatever the make up of these kits, there is one constant: they all go through an evaporation process which inadvertently changes the flavour and character of the wine.

Wine made from fresh juice will potentially have more body, bouquet and ageability than kit wines. The wines age more gracefully and develop more complexity than their concentrate cousins.

Is It Harder to Make?

Wine from fresh juice is not harder to make but you do need a sound working knowledge of how wine is made to be really successful. Wine kits have all the measuring and blending done by the manufacturer. With fresh juice you are on your own. You decide if you need to add more ingredients such as acid blend and sugar. You decide when you should rack, if you should add finings, oak, etc.

We can supply you with instructions to help make your decisions easier, but in the long run you have the final say. You have the opportunity to make your wine of a lifetime!

How Can I Get It?

We bring in fresh grape juice on a regular basis. Our new harvest of California juices usually come on stream in early fall and are available year round, though there may be some shortages during late summer. These juices are kept frozen after harvest and are shipped to us on demand. The juices are available in containers or 23 litres.

Kamil Juices become available during late fall and are shipped in 11.5 litre containers. These juices are usually better quality than California juices but are more expensive. Kamil Juices are not frozen.

Please Note: Because of perishibility and heavy weight, fresh juices are available locally only. We do not ship.

Fresh European 100% Vinifera Grape Juice

These are our premier imported grape juices. They come packaged in convenient 11 Litre jugs and are from some of the premier wine regions in Europe, including France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Hungary. If you would like to find out more about these excellent juices and a thorough description of the varietals available just follow this link to Kamil Juices.

Kamil Juices are by special order only. We usually bring in a large order during the fall harvest. This is sometime in late November or early December. We will bring in a second order in the spring if there is a demand. We will also bring in special orders of 25 jugs or more at any time. Prices fluctuate because of seasonal conditions, availability and the value of the Canadian dollar in the international markets. Please call or e-mail for present prices.

Visit the Kamil Juices web site for more information on fresh grape juice.

We also have instructions available for making wine from fresh grape juice.