How Important Is Your Water?


All Life Functions Depend On Water

There is nothing even remotely similar to water. An illustration of this is the number of functions it carries out in the human body - breathing, digestion, growth, movement, elimination of waste products, heat dissipation, secretion, and all glandular activities. These can only be performed in the presence of watery solutions. In fact, water affects every facet of our physiology.

A Lot Can Happen To Your Water On Its Way To Your Tap

Pollution occurs closer to our taps than we might realize. Even if it were possible to have water free of all contaminants when it left the well, reservoir, or local treatment plant, there would still be a question as to whether it was fit to drink by the time it reached your tap.

Since water is such a scavenger (sometimes described as hungry), the quality of our tap water is dependent upon the material used for the pipes and joints. Remember that the underground network of pipes consists of a wide variety of materials, old and new - lead galvanized iron, asbestos re-enforced cement, cadmium, copper, brass, and PVC. The same goes for the plumbing that carries water into your house and up to the kitchen sink. Asbestos contaminated water has been linked to higher incidence of certain types of cancer.

Distillation or Reverse Osmosis Is The Best Alternative

In the opinion of many, the most effective method of water purification is through reverse osmosis or distillation, combined with post filtration through an activated charcoal filter. Modern distillers are stainless steel appliances with many convenient features. They simulate the natural hydrologic cycle by first boiling water. This high prolonged heat kills and disintegrates all types of micro-organisms: bacteria, protozoa, and viruses.

As the water is vaporised, the disintegrated micro-organisms as well as most chemicals and minerals are left behind in the boiling chamber. The steam is then condensed in a sterile condensation coil or chamber and reforms as high-purity, distilled water.

Distillation Is Like Surgery And Has Many Side Benefits

Merely filtering the water is like using a band-aid. Distillation, on the other hand, is more like doing surgery on the water. It not only improves taste and odor, but it insures the ultimate safety of personal drinking water. Our Professor Purewater is 99.9% free of all contaminants and is also sodium free. Our water goes through the distillation process and another two step filter process to ensure it is the freshest, best tasting water you will ever drink.

There has been several studies done concerning water quality. We have included highlights from some of these studies for your information.