Newfoundland Blueberry Liqueur

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Newfoundlanders love their blueberries. We use them to make all sorts of delicious desserts such as blueberry pies, puddings and muffins. Blueberries are also a popular wine making ingredient. A few years ago I came across a recipe for making blueberry liqueur. I tried it and was quite happy with the results. I published the recipe in a copy of Brewery Lane News and I keep getting requests for the recipe ever since.

Frozen berries will work great in this recipe as well as fresh blueberries. Some people have tried this recipe using partridgeberries and they said it turned out excellent. I've only tried it with blueberries but I suspect you could use it for most berries and get good results. If you decide to use other berries you may have to adjust the sugar content to suit your taste.

This recipe will make a potent, sweet liqueur. It is very pleasing to sip on after a big Sunday dinner. You can also use it for dessert toppings, sauces and whatever else your imagination can conjure up. You will need two 40 oz. bottles of vodka to make the full recipe, but you can cut the recipe in half if you wish. The liqueur will keep for several years and will improve in flavour if left to stand for a few months.

(1) Puree the blueberries in a blender or food processor to make 1 gallon of slurry.

(2) Separate the mixture into two one-gallon jugs and top up with vodka.

(3) After a couple of weeks, the puree will sink to the bottom and the extract is ready for racking.

(4) Strain the liquid through muslin or cheese cloth.

(5) Filter the liqueur through a paper coffee filter or use gelatin finings to clear the liquid. You may also use a wine filter if you wish. It is not advisable to use a wine filter if you have made less than a gallon because too much of the liqueur will be lost in the filter pads.

(6) Make a sugar solution of one part sugar to one part water and add to the blueberry extract until your get the level of sweetness you enjoy or blend the syrup 50-50 with the vodka/extract.

(7) Mix and let stand for a couple of weeks before serving. Strength is 16-18% alcohol by volume.

There you have it—another good use for those tasty blueberries. I hope you enjoy it.