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Craft Your Own Liqueurs & Spirits

Use our Turbo Yeast to make 23 litres of clear neutral alcohol beverage. Add sugar and water to ferment up to 21% alcohol by volume. Then you can use any of our essences to make liqueurs and spirits that taste remarkably like their commercial counterparts for just a fraction of the cost.

Essences Are Available in Many Flavours

Here are just some of the popular flavours available: Irish Cream, Amaretto, Coffee Liqueur, Orange Brandy, Hazlenut, Cherry Brandy, Apricot Brandy, Peach Schnapps, Creme De Mente, Coco Rum, Sambuca, Rye Whisky and Dark Rum.

Visit our Clickabrew site for a complete listing of essences available.

Turbo Yeast for High Alcohol Fermentation

Turbo is comprised of a mix of high alcohol tolerant yeast and complex nutrients that quickly ferment a pure sugar solution into alcohol. There are different Turbos for specific applications.

See all our turbo yeasts at our Clickabrew shopping site.

Still Spirits Videos

Take a look at these informative videos from the manufacturer of our Turbo yeast and flavour essences.Even though this video shows mixing essences with distilled product you can use the same instructions for mixing essences with your undistilled alcohol base or vodka. If you use the undistilled alcohol base you should not add water as shown in the video.

Please be advised that distillation is shown in this video which may be illegal in your country. Check with local authorities for the laws concerning distillation in your area.

Using the Still Spirits Air Still

Using the Still Spirits EZ-Filter to Purify Your Alcohol Base