A Large Selection of Quality Beer Kits

We carry a large selection of popular brand name beer kits including legendary names such as Muntons, Coopers, Black Rock and Morgan's. We also carry the newer Brew House and Barons bag-in-box kits. These kits have changed home brewing forever and are gradually replacing the older canned kit format. If you haven't tried one of these outstanding kits yet we encourage you to do so. You won't beleive the results and convenience. No sticky syrups or boiling with microbrewery quality!

We are avid beer makers ourselves and have tried just about every product on the market. The kits we offer you are indeed the finest available on the market today.

With our vast knowledge of beer making it is no wonder that many of our customers make award winning beer. We give them access to top quality ingredients and expert advice. With this kind of advantage our customers have consistently placed in national and regional beer making contests.

The Brands We Stock

Barking Kettle Craft Beer Kits™

Do you want to have some beer-making fun? Do you want to make some great beer? Then you have to try one of our Barking Kettle Craft Beer Kits™! We use quality ingredients including speciality roasted malts, real hops and 100% pure malt extract to deliver the ultimate beer kit. Make your own great-tasting craft beer right in your kitchen. No special equipment required. All you need is your regular brewing equipment, A large boiling pot (18 litres or better), and a thermometer capable of reading boiling temperatures (100° Celsius).

Craft beer is some of the best beer available so it can be expensive but you’ll make it for less than a buck a bottle using our Barking Kettle Craft Beer Kits™
Get out the brew pot. Put on your safety glasses. Your mad scientist alter ego has some experimenting to do!

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Brew House

The Brewhouse Kit is an entirely new concept in homebrewing. Until now, most homemade beer has been made with concentrated malt extract syrup. The Brewhouse Kit produces all-grain microbrew style beer with the convenience of a kit. Brewed from fresh grain and hops, it is pure all-grain wort, made the same way as commercial microbrewed beers. Gentle handling preserves the delicate aromas and flavours. Crisp Pilsner, rich pale ale, malty Munich dark lager, full flavoured cream ale, luscious stout and even an incredibly light North American lager all show brilliant character.

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Barons Premium Beer Kits offer you 7.5 litres of high quality concentrated wort to get you underway to creating a natural beer of outstanding flavour, ready to brew with conventional brewing equipment, with no need for boiling! Barons is defined by superior ingredients, state-of-the-art processing and unique user-friendly packaging which preserves product freshness.

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In 1864 Thomas Cooper left his business as a shoemaker in Adelaide, South Australia and started the Coopers Brewery. Today the fourth generation of Thomas' descendents still run his namesake business, including Managing Director Dr. Timothy Cooper and Board Chairman Mr. Glenn Cooper. Renowned British beer and spirits critic Michael Jackson gives the Coopers Brewery four stars and praises their "heartiness and uncompromising honesty". The Coopers Brewery has been producing hobby beer making products since 1975 and is the world-wide sales leader in homebrewing products.

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Muntons have been manufacturing top-quality kits for over 25 years and their products are sold worldwide and tailored to meet the precise needs of each market. Muntons has been producing malt and malted ingredients for over 80 years. During this time they have grown to become a significant international player in the supply of malts, malt extracts, homebrew kits, flours and flakes to the food and drinks industry.

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From Australia, home of some of the world's best beers, comes a range of do-it-yourself beer brewing products of the finest traditional quality. The name "Morgans" stands for superior brewing products for those who understand the difference between good beer and great beer. Morgans use only the highest quality Australian two row barley to produce their classic range of beers. A variety of hops and roasted malts combine to impart nature's own flavours and bouquets that are found only in the very best beers. Morgan's unique "kettling" then guarantees superb final clarity.

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Black Rock

Black Rock homebrew kits are made by the Black Rock Brewing Company of Auckland, New Zealand. The Company believes that there is no artificial way to produce malt or malt extract, and uses traditional methods to manufacture its high quality range of homebrew concentrates. It also believes that the only way to produce a superlative homebrew concentrate is by setting out to produce a superlative beer. At Black Rock the chief arbiter of quality is therefore a skilled brewmaster.

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Brew Canada

Brew Canada beer kits are expertly developed by a professional Canadian Brewmaster and patterned after Canada's favourite commercial beers. Made with the finest traditional Canadian brewing ingredients including genuine concentrated brewing worts and fresh varietal hops which produce beers of outstanding quality. Each kit makes 23 litres.

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Big & Easy Bottle Brew

The next best thing to finished beer! The Big & Easy Bottle Brew is a totally new and different home brewing kit. It is a revolutionary, easy way to make your own premium beer at home. No equipment required!

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