Morgan's Australian Beer Kits

Morgan's range of kettled beer kits now offers the home brewer the opportunity to brew with products manufactured under strict traditional brewing standards.

Each type of Morgan's kit is made to an exacting formula where select barley malts are mashed to specific protein and sugar rests, bringing about a truly unique character in the finished beer. No caramel colourings are used in Morgan's kits, meaning that all color and flavor of the final beer comes direct from the degree of roasting and kilning of the barley malt used.

In the final stage of manufacture, just prior to evaporation, Morgan's kettle (roll boil) the entire wort with a selection of hops, for hop isomorization, and to ensure final beer clarity.

Royal Oak Amber Ale

A smooth full crystal flavored beer, highly hopped with a light caramel aroma. A delicious evening ale, reddish in color with a fine head. Royal Oak can be slightly frothy in early stages of fermentation, but will settle down with a normal head space in your fermenter.

Color in 23 liters ebc 20.5 - bitterness 38 IBU.

Morgans Dockside Stout Beer Kit

Dockside Stout

The reigning Australian National Champion Stout, so good that it also took out the "Best Beer of the Competition" award. Full bodied with a rich roast flavor and a satisfying residual bitterness.

Color in 23 liters ebc 81.5 - bitterness 32 IBU.

Morgans Blue Mountain Beer Kit

Blue Mountain Lager

From the famed Blue Mountains that form an historic part of The Great Dividing Range between coastal Sydney and the farming plains of Eastern Australia. The Blue Mountains are renowned for the freshest of air and crystal clear waters of the creeks and brooks that pattern the region. This is a beer that is cool and refreshing with a light pleasant hop bouquet.

Color in 23 liters ebc 4.5 - bitterness 25 IBU.

Morgans Iron Bark Beer Kit

Iron Bark Dark Ale

From Australia's outback, the character and strength of the great Iron Bark Tree typifies Morgan's Iron Bark Dark Ale. Powered up with special crystal malt, a hearty caramel flavor with deep aroma, and nutty overtones.

Color in 23 liters ebc 65.0 - bitterness 25 IBU.

Golden Sheaf Wheat Beer

The reigning Australian National champion wheat beer. A golden yellow, highly aromatic Weiss style of beer with excellent head and vanilla overtones. This is a classic Weizenbier, clear and bright until chilled, then cloudy but golden. As with all good Weizenbiers, it tends to be very frothy in the early stages of fermentation. When fermenting Golden Sheaf it is recommended that a fairly large fermenter be used to allow for the early stage frothing.

Color in 23 liters ebc 5.5 - bitterness 20 IBU.

Morgans Yukon Brown Beer Kit

Yukon Brown Smoked Ale

Born from the desires of North American brewers always wanting their beers to be different, a very unique mysterious ale with a deep delicious chocolate nutty flavor perfectly rounded off with a smooth smoky hint. Would have to be the perfect ale for those cold winter nights in front of the cabin fire. Can be made up with a beer enhancer, or, for something real special, add a caramalt master blend and push up that final gravity for a heavenly touch.

Morgans Canadian Blonde Beer Kit

Canadian Blonde

Colour 4 ebc, bitterness 16 ibus Light-medium hopped, straw colour, light-medium body. 100% 2 row barley.

Morgans Canadian IPA

Canadian India Pale Ale

Colour 5 ebc, bitterness 23 ibus Medium hopped, golden straw colour, light-medium body. 100% 2 row barley. This is similar to the famous India Pale Ale found in Nova Scotia. Full bodied and well hopped. This is for those who prefer a beer with more flavour.

Morgans Canadian Lager Beer Kit

Canadian Lager

Colour 5 ebc, bitterness 16 ibus Lightly hopped, straw colour, light-medium body. 100% 2 row barley. Similar to the Canadian light but with more body and flavour. Serve cold.,

Morgans Canadian light beer kit

Canadian Light

Colour 4 ebc, bitterness 16 ibus Lightly hopped, pale straw colour, light body. 100% 2 row barley. If you enjoy the light beers produced by the big Canadian breweries you are going to love this one. Great light flavour with a clean, crisp taste. Serve ice cold.

Morgans Canadian Pilsner Beer Kit

Canadian Pilsner

Colour 7 ebc, bitterness 20 ibus Medium-hopped, golden straw colour, light-medium body. 100% 2 row barley. Based on the best selling Canadian Pilsener, this is a brew that will surely bring a smile to the lovers of this style of beer. Full bodied with a nice hop flavour. Serve cold and enjoy!

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