Who Are We? The Brewery Lane Story

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Hi, I'm Bill Reddy co-founder of Brewery Lane. I have been an avid wine and beer maker since 1975. Back in 1993 my partner Bernadette and I opened the first Brewery Lane store. At that time we believed that wine and beer makers needed more variety and a wider selection of advanced beer and winemaking products. Since then we have given our customers access to the best products on the market including wine kits from the two biggest names in the industry—RJ Spagnols and Winexpert. We are forever on the lookout for new and innovative items and we consider ourselves leaders in this area. We have grown to become one of the largest stores of our kind in Canada since our inception in 1993. We presently have two stores to serve our Newfoundland customers (Click for maps and store hours). They are located at Coaker's Meadow Plaza, Torbay Road, St. John's and Mount Pearl Plaza, Commonwealth Avenue, Mount Pearl.

In 1998 we added online shopping to our website. As our customer base continued to grow we realized that we needed a more powerful commerce solution. In January 2000 we launched Clickabrew.com to meet this demand. Clickabrew.com is a stand-alone website dedicated solely to e-commerce. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide our customers with safe and secure transactions. Clickabrew is now a leading e-tailer of wine and beer making supplies with customers throughout North America.

Our growth has come from our keen interest in beer and winemaking and our unconditional commitment to our customers. We are staffed by experts who enjoy the craft and love their work. We love making beer and wine and we enjoy passing our knowledge and experience on to our customers. With our many years of experience you can trust our advice.

Thank you for visiting our site. I hope you enjoy your stay.

The People at Brewery Lane

Our St. John's Store

Bill Reddy: CEO, Manager & Customer Service

Bill Reddy

Bill founded Brewery Lane with his partner Bernadette in 1993. He has a long brewing and wine making history which started in 1975 when he came across a small wine making book at the local library. He was fascinated with the hobby and made wine from every plant and berry that could be found. Bill enjoys making wine and beer and has vast knowledge in these two areas. His favorite tipple is a good hoppy Bitter and Cabernet Sauvignon is his preferred wine.

Bill loves helping his customers and especially enjoys talking with people who take their brewing and wine making serious. His goal is to help make his customers aware of the amazing results they can get if they are willing to use high-quality products and modern techniques.

Bernadette Reddy: Vice-President & Customer Service

Bernadette is the co-founder of Brewery Lane. She started making wine in 1991. She prefers big, full-bodied red wines with some of her favourites being Chateau-du-Pape and Cabernet Sauvignon. Her favourite beer is English style brown ale but she also enjoys hoppy ales.

Even though Bernadette can answer all your beer questions wine is her forte. She's passionate about wine and can help you make the right choice or answer all your wine questions. Bernadette believes that her role is to solve problems for her customers and she gets great satisfaction from doing so. Come by and look her up. She'd love to see you.

Mike Burke: Assistant Manager & Customer Service

mike burke

There's no doubt where Mikes' heart is at. He enjoys wine but he's passionate about beer. Drop by our St. John's store and have a chat with Mike and you can't help but feel that passion. Mike is knowledgeable in all aspects of brewing. Got a question about kegging or all-grain brewing? Mike can answer your questions.

Our Mount Pearl Store

Ken Reddy: CEO, Manager & Customer Service

Ken started he's brewing career back in the early eighties during a local brewery strike. There was no beer to be had so Ken decided to make his own. He was bitten by the bug which eventually led to the opening of the second Brewery Lane in 1995. Ken started with beer but eventually took an interest in wine. He then branched out in to liqueur making and is quite an expert on the subject.

Ken drives a motorcycle and loves his Harley. However Ken's biggest love is his brewing and winemaking. Drop by and have a chat. He'd love to see you.

Lee Edwards: Assistant Manager & Customer Service

Lee Edwards

Lee enjoys people and he enjoys beer. Two qualities that makes him a perfect Brewery Lane guy. Lee has many years of experience in beer and winemaking. His favourite beers are dark and heavy but he enjoys all beer.

Lee has been a member of the Kinsmen club of Mount Pearl since 1998.

If there is one thing Lee enjoys more than making beer is talking about it. Drop by our Mount Pearl store and see Lee today.